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Fence and Deck Staining

We offer durable and yet highly affordable residential fencing in aluminum, vinyl and wood. Our fences are perfect for all tpes of residential and commercial applications.
Our decks have all the beauty that you can hope for. Every deck we build is unique based on your dreams and surrounding. Our decks are a breeze to maintain, so you'll spend more time relaxing on your deck.
We custom build and install the finest pergolas, screened porches, and outdoor living spaces. We also install patios and other hardscapes to help you maximize your outdoor living space.
Every year home owners spend endless dollars on replacing and repairing their wood fences and decks.  However, wood fences and decks can become weathered and turn gray, losing their luster in a relatively short period of time. We can help protect and preserve your fence. 
Fence Staining *Price
New Fences - Includes Materials, Staining and Cleanup .75 cents per square foot
Old Fences - Includes Pressure Washing first, Materials, Staining and Cleanup 1.00 per square foot
Deck Staining  
New Decks - Includes Materials, Staining and Cleanup 1.50 per square foot
Old Decks - Includes Pressure Washing first, Materials, Staining and and Cleanup 2.00 per square foot
1. If I am not ready for staining, are you willing to simply clean the wood?
Although we highly recommend staining after we clean, we would be more than happy to provide two separate services at your request. On all of our estimates, the price for cleaning and staining are provided separately.

2. Does it really matter whether I buy the expensive paint or a less expensive one?
Yes. When it comes to paint or stain, you get what you pay for. More expensive paints and stains have better quality ingredients, and this accounts for the difference in price. By using better ingredients (and higher priced paint), you will generally get better durability, flow, and overall quality. This will help to keep your paint or stain in good condition for a longer time, which saves you time and money in the long run. We prefer to use Behr for best results.

3. Why is staining my deck more expensive per square foot then my fence?
Several factors come to play. Deck staining usually requires more time in preparing the area around the deck prior to staining to prevent inadvertent staining of other surfaces. Also, since wood acts like a sponge and absorbs the stain throughout, we saturate the deck with twice as much stain per square foot then a fence. This increases the decks appearance and longevity of the stains rich color.

4. What kind of stain should I use?
To answer that it's simple. We stick with the best of the best, TWP STAIN but if you prefer, we can use Behr or Cabot. Why? These two stains are common at our San Antonio Home Depot or Lowes. In fact you can go to any Home Depot or Lowes in Texas and find these two stains available anytime. But TWP Stains are the prerred choice due to its durablity & will keep your wood beautiful, fresh and looking new longer.
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Very Simple, Very Affordable!

1. We give you a Quote with the amount of stain needed for the job
2. You choose Color ( We purchase the stain )
3. We put it on - All surfaces, plants and outdoor furniture covered or moved.
All prices include the Price of Stain & Materials - Customer chooses the color of stain they want!
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